Specialist planning of technical building services equipment

and electrical planning

This is efficiency

We attach particular importance to efficient technical building equipment and focus on integral solutions. We support our customers in all project phases. We plan efficient building services engineering (heating, ventilation, sanitation, air conditioning, electrical engineering, building automation, conveyor systems, lighting, fire protection and BOS radio) for our clients. Of course, our work is based on state-of-the-art technology such as Building Information Modeling (BIM). Our clients include customers from various industries and institutions: Public clients such as municipalities and towns, medical facilities such as hospitals and senior citizens’ residences, companies from industry, logistics and trade such as supermarket chains and transport companies as well as service providers and companies such as banks and real estate companies.

Main services _TGA-SUBJECT PLANNING (all power phases according to HOAI)



Energy-efficient planning of the trades: heating, ventilation, sanitation, air conditioning, electrical engineering, building automation, conveyor systems, lighting, fire protection and BOS radio)

  • Basic determination
  • Predictive planning with cost estimate
  • Draft planning and cost calculation
  • Authorization planning
  • Execution planning
  • Preparation of the awarding of contracts and preparation of specifications
  • Participation in the award
  • Object monitoring and cost determination
  • Property maintenance and documentation

Main service_Energy efficient solutions



Energy-efficient solutions significantly reduce your energy costs for existing and new buildings.

  • Detailed inventory and analysis
  • Creation of three-dimensional computer models
  • Determination of the actually required power over an entire year by measuring energy consumption and simulating the heating and cooling load of the building
  • Calculation of heating and cooling load on the model
  • Development of concept variants
  • Determination of the investment costs and the annual energy consumption of the individual concept variants as a decision template
  • Drinking water hygiene

Main service_drinking water hygiene



We are at your disposal in questions of water hygiene – both in the preventive avoidance of risks and in existing problems.

  • Hygiene-conscious planning and monitoring of the commissioning of drinking water installations
  • instruction in drinking water installation according to DIN EN 806-5
  • Initial hygiene inspection as part of leak testing and commissioning
  • Hazard analysis for existing plants in accordance with the Drinking Water Ordinance
  • Development of proposed solutions to existing problems for the long-term safeguarding of drinking water hygiene
  • support for the implementation of the proposed measures

Main service _BOS-Radio


The provision of interference-free, digital radio coverage within complex building structures is an important safety factor and is therefore often one of the legal building requirements. The fire brigade and the police in particular have a great need for functioning communication even inside buildings due to their tasks. As an established partner, our telecommunications specialists are at your side in matters of security-relevant communication – from planning and implementation to the maintenance of your object radio solution.


  • Basic determination by measurement on site
  • Presentation of the measurement results in an implementation concept
  • Development of the implementation plan according to the approved concept template of the fire brigade
  • Construction of the object supply with our general contractor
  • Commissioning
  • decrease of the finished object supply with the fire brigade
Our cases

Technical planning of the technical building equipment for the new building of the Fressnapf Academy

Competence Technical building equipment
Customer Fressnapf-Akademie

STF Energy supported Fressnapf, Europe's largest pet food chain, in the construction of the new Fressnapf Academy.

Our cases

New construction of shopping centre in Münster

Competence Technical building equipment
Customer Stroetmann Grundbesitz-Verwaltung GmbH & Co. KG

For the construction of a new shopping centre in Münster, STF Energy is planning the technical building equipment (heating, ventilation, sanitary and electrical systems) for Stroetmann Grundbesitz-Verwaltung GmbH & Co. KG.

Our cases

Planning of an extension to the Rainbow School and the construction of a new day-care centre for children

Competence Technical building equipment
Customer Stadt Krefeld

The city of Krefeld trusts in the services of STF Energy: the specialist planners of STF Energy are already working for two day-care centres (Kita Cäcilienstraße and Kita Appellweg) as well as the Rainbow School.

Our cases

Reconstruction / refurbishment of the head office

Competence Technical building equipment
Customer Sparkasse Lippstadt

For Sparkasse Lippstadt, STF Energy plans and accompanies the extension of the board area including event rooms and the energetic refurbishment of the main office during operation.

Our cases


Competence Technical building equipment
Customer LiNa

Das Planungsteam der STF Energy unterstützte die genossenschaftliche Vereinigung LiNa e.V. von der Planung und Antragsstellung bis hin zur Fertigstellung und Nutzung von barrierefreiem, altersgerechtem und bezahlbarem Wohnraum.


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Coordination skills required: Implementation of remediation measures during operation

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