Together with BearingPoint
STF Tele Consult advises the

Federal Institute for Public Authorities and
Organizations with Security Tasks (BDBOS)

Competence Telecommunication
Customer Bundesanstalt für Behörden und Organisationen mit Sicherheitsaufgaben (BDBOS)

Together with BearingPoint, STF Tele Consult advises the Federal Agency for Authorities and Organisations with Security Responsibilities (BDBOS) in the role of the Strategic Controller on the setup and operation as well as ensuring the operability of the digital voice and data radio system for the Federal and State Police, Fire Brigades and Rescue Services, Federal Agency for Technical Relief, Customs Authorities and Intelligence Services.

On behalf of BearingPoint, STF Tele Consult takes over the following, mainly technical tasks:

  • Assessment of the solution approaches for technical questions,

  • Evaluation of progress in network construction and operation,

  • Accompaniment of the implementation of operational tasks,

  • Technical analysis of the requirements for high availability and operational reliability,

  • Evaluation of the procedures and standards in quality management and derivation of optimization proposals as well as

  • Identification and assessment of technical and organisational risks.

BearingPoint and STF Tele Consult work in partnership to maintain the necessary transparency, substance and commitment in this important project for Germany’s internal security by regularly reporting to the digital radio steering committees.

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