Medical staff and the administration of hospitals, medical facilities and nursing services will be very strongly supported by technology and technical systems in the future. This will leave the specialists with more time for the really important tasks and empathy for the patients.

Defy the challenges with intelligent technology and digital solutions

Hospitals, medical facilities and care services, like other industries, are also affected by the digital transformation. In addition, regulatory requirements, skills shortages and demographic change are having an impact on every single industry player. There has also been an exhausting consolidation in the hospital market in recent years. However, there is no reason to panic. Many of these challenges can be solved or at least cushioned by the use of information and communication technology. This happens, for example, through digital patient files, surgical robots, or intelligent artificial intelligence that can think and learn, which checks medications for plausibility. Prerequisites for Hospital 4.0 or Nursing Service 4.0 are optimized and homogenized processes on the one hand and a digital infrastructure including intelligent building technology on the other, which ensure high-performance, secure and permanently available connectivity.

With many years of experience in WLAN planning and in-house supply, the STF Group is the ideal partner to create the basis for the widespread use of information and communication technology in hospitals and medical facilities. In addition, our digital experts are at your side when you plan the digitization of processes and procedures, the optimization of care logistics or the introduction of artificial intelligence.

STF is also your point of contact when it comes to specialist planning of technical building equipment. Hospitals and medical facilities have special requirements for construction projects. These include u. a. that construction work generally takes place during operation, that there are high hygiene requirements and that special regulations may apply to construction projects. STF has extensive project expertise in the technical building equipment environment in hospitals and medical facilities. This includes the planning, renovation and expansion of operating theaters, modernization of wards, concept creation for special medical buildings and the planning and renovation of administrative buildings.


Would you like to learn more about STF solutions for healthcare? Then we look forward to your message!

Stefan Wehner

Head of Digital Technologies

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