Network optimization

Competence Telecommunication
Customer Ericsson

The STF Group supports its customers in network optimization by dismantling old technology such as radio relay, ATM technology or multiplexers in operator networks. The STF Group takes over the implementation and coordination of the planning part for turnkey projects.

The basis for our processing are overviews of the network operators on existing old technology, which are checked by the STF Group for activation (rough concept). The concepts are then presented and released after joint discussion. Subsequently, potential preconditions (replacement paths, hardware retrofits) are first determined, planned and implemented. In order to guarantee a high quality of detailed planning (low-level design / LLD), a comparison is made between the existing network documentation and the live network. A migration scenario including a flowchart will be created for the switchover of the useful traffic and the monitoring traffic and will be put into practice. Subsequent documentation adjustments after feedback of the field work also ensure an increased documentation quality of the network.


The project will enable the partners to reduce operational costs, e.g. for energy and licence fees, increase service quality through reduced network complexity (outages, MTTR) and at the same time create scope for future network expansion.

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