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Stefan Wehner
Project Manager in-house supply
Apprenticeship as IT system administrator

"The opportunity to get to know different subject areas and customers is what I particularly like about my work at STF. STF also offers a wide range of further training and development opportunities".

The special thing about STF: "The strong team cohesion is evident within projects. Every challenge, no matter how great, is solved in a committed, constructive and collegial way if you don't make any progress yourself. The working environment is also very open and friendly."

Niels Bock
Project and Sales Manager Telecommunications
Information Technology and General Management (MBA)

"The freedoms granted and the early assumption of responsibility make it possible for STF to rise quickly. I also find the variety of tasks in combination with the personal customer contact very attractive".

What is special about STF: As an owner-managed company, STF relies on qualified personnel, flat hierarchies and sustainable growth. This is reflected on the one hand in the Group's broad technical base and on the other in its diverse customer base with long-term relationships. In order to do justice to this, STF creates a working atmosphere that enables every employee to contribute his or her own ideas to the further development of the project or the company and thereby strengthen the 'we' feeling within the company".

Silvia Rojas
Project Manager
Study of process engineering

"The diversity of my tasks and the diversity of my clients inspire me with my work at STF. In addition, I am constantly faced with new challenges in my projects, such as changed legal texts and stricter environmental regulations."

The special thing about STF: "Decisions are made and implemented quickly; I also particularly like the high degree of independent work. The flexible working hours also give me a lot of freedom to keep my professional and private life in harmony."

Yusuf Ahmed
Telecommunications student trainee
Study of electrical engineering

"As a student, it is important to work practically - this enables STF, which is a lot of fun for me. In addition, I can use the practical knowledge and continuing education opportunities for my studies.

The special thing about STF: "I am very enthusiastic about the opportunity to take part in several projects. The atmosphere and communication between the employees in all the project teams is perfect - I really appreciate that.

Tina Nicklich
Project Manager Network Planning and Line Technology
Study of geography

"The varied tasks inspire me the most about my job at STF. At the same time, they present great challenges, which always teach me a lot of new things. Working with colleagues in my project teams also gives me a lot of pleasure".

The special thing about STF: "STF relies on the continuous development of its employees, flat hierarchies and good, respectful cooperation. The annual summer seminar provides the opportunity to get to know employees from other regions in an informal atmosphere. This not only strengthens supraregional cooperation in the projects, but also promotes cross-project cooperation among employees."

Oliver Marc Dziuba
Member of the Executive Board
Study of electrical engineering

"The search for and the development of flexible and intelligent solutions for our customers and the diversity of the different divisions are typical for STF. I have enjoyed this since I started here more than fifteen years ago."

The special thing about STF: "It unites professional work and a cordial interaction between the employees. This is what makes working at STF so unique and ensures the great satisfaction of all employees."

Franziska Grossmann
Account Manager
Degree in Business Administration

"I meet so many different and exciting characters through my position as account manager. Here it is important to deal individually with the personalities. At STF, I particularly enjoy that. My tasks are very multifaceted; it never gets boring and I can always develop professionally".

The special thing about STF: "It offers every employee who has the will and the ability to develop further opportunities. The company's capital is its employees, in whom we place great trust. The STF is a big family and the team spirit can be clearly felt at all locations."

Fabian Justen
Planning Engineer Technical Building Equipment
Studied industrial engineering and management

I particularly like the variety of tasks and the close cooperation with my colleagues in my work at STF. This helped me to write my bachelor thesis, which I wrote during my time as a working student at STF Energy".

The special thing about STF: "All employees support each other, the flat hierarchies favour this and make the cooperation very pleasant.

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Competence Digitalisation
Customer Gemeinde Rosendahl

The advancing digitalization and the digital age are progressing more and more. This progress does not stop at our "youngest" and can be found everywhere in everyday life. Even in primary schools, WLAN-enabled devices such as chrome books, iPads and laptops can be found in every classroom.

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