Communication is everything.
And even more.

Through speed, safety and quality, it is above all the basis of economic success.
With our comprehensive 360-degree telecommunication service, where we ensure the following for our customers; measurement, planning, implementation, commissioning and acceptance. We attach great importance to individual solutions, highest quality and perfection down to the smallest detail.

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Main service_Measurements



Radio coverage (mobile radio, BOS, WLAN, GSM-R) for stocktaking and acceptance

Specific Tests

  • Walk-Tests
  • Drive Tests
  • Intrain-Measurements
  • Panorama measurements (BOS)


  • Before commissioning new network elements
  • Troubleshooting

Main service_Planning



Radio network planning (capacitive dimensioning, network development, etc…
and modernization, event supply)

Landline planning

Specific services:

  • Broadband expansion
  • Hardware planning (TEF/VF)
  • Routing (TEF/VF)

In-house or BOS object radio supply

  • Coordination (BOS) with authorities (authorised bodies of the country, fire brigades, police…)
  • Planning of the air conditioning / ventilation of the technical rooms as well as the power supply (including the UPS) of the entire technology.

Specific services:

  • Office buildings
  • Railway stations
  • Campus
  • Factory premises
  • Stadiums
  • Tunnels

Main Service_Construction supervision and monitoring as well as rollout control


Specific performance

  • Construction technical walk-through (BTB)
  • BTB documents check
  • Location database maintenance
  • Stakeholder communication
  • Proactive control of subcontractors
  • Monitoring the execution of construction measures both remotely and on site (regular site supervision)
  • Documentation of the construction process
  • Acceptance of construction work, services and deliveries, detection of defects and coordination of remedial work

Main services_Integration and acceptance



  • Integration of new network elements
  • Creation of the technical documentation
  • Decrease in network elements (RfC measurement)
  • Auditing

Main services_Managed Services



  • Realization of customer connections
  • Radio network planning and rollout control
  • glass fibre extension in clusters

Specific performance

  • Project and order management for the E2E coordination
  • Planning and configuration of the connection
  • Execution of linear transmission “tasks”
  • Commissioning and acceptance of the customer connection
Our cases

customer connections 1&1 Versatel

Competence Telecommunication
Customer 1&1 Versatel

1&1 Versatel offers corporate customers a wide range of telecommunications solutions. The STF Group supports 1&1 Versatel in the implementation of customer connections in order to cope with the rapid customer growth.

Our cases

Planning for NetCom BW

Competence Telecommunication
Customer NetCom BW

For the regional network operator NetCom BW, STF Tele Consult plans and implements the expansion of the broadband telecommunications network in administrative districts and municipalities - more than 120 municipalities in Baden Württemberg have already been supplied.

Our cases

Network development at Vodafone GmbH

Competence Telecommunication
Customer Vodafone GmbH

The STF Group is a reliable partner of the Vodafone company and has helped in the network development for many years.

Our cases

Network optimization

Competence Telecommunication
Customer Ericsson

The STF Group support their customers with their network optimization through the removal of out of date technical equipment, like radio relay, ATM or multiplexer.

Our cases

master concept gigabit society

Competence Telecommunication
Customer Kreis Coesfeld

The district of Coesfeld will continue to be an attractive, innovative and future-oriented district for living and working, thanks to the engineers, technicians and consultants of STF ITech.


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