ISDN-replacement: When the company stands still

– you should avoid these 5 errors during the conversion!

The planned ISDN replacement of carriers and telecommunications companies such as Deutsche Telekom or Vodafone will not only affect private users, but also companies will not be spared. While the changeover from ISDN to ALL-IP in households is proceeding almost smoothly, companies – usually without knowing it – are faced with far greater challenges: An ill-considered, conceptless ISDN replacement can become expensive and in the worst case even shut down the entire company. Find out in our quick checklist which 5 errors you should absolutely avoid when switching from ISDN to ALL-IP.

1. The capacity of the Internet connection is not checked.

As the name ALL-IP implies, telephone calls are transmitted digitally and packet-switched via the Internet protocol. With an average of 150kb in download and upload per call, several calls made simultaneously in combination with Internet use can result in telephone outages. Even an integrated merchandise management system can come to a standstill for at least a short time. That’s why it’s important to check the performance of your Internet connection both in the download and in the upload!


2. hardware components are not checked or only partially checked

A frequent error in companies when switching from ISDN to ALL-IP is the incomplete consideration of the hardware required for communication. A classic here is the Power over Ethernet cable. These cables, also called network cables, are not basically configured in such a way that they can supply the power supply units of the new ALL-IP telephones with power. Another important, proverbial hart-Fact is to ensure network coverage when using mobile phones or cordless IP telephones, for example in basements and storage rooms. Important: Before buying new ALL-IP telephones, make sure that your network cables are ALL-IP-capable and the network coverage is sufficient to avoid surprises when connecting!


3. process optimizations and efficiency increases are wasted

The replacement of ISDN in companies basically requires a close look at the technical communication infrastructure. If you have to revise it anyway by switching off ISDN, then use this duty as an opportunity and put your business processes to the test. Isn’t it much more efficient if orders are no longer received by fax but flow directly into an integrated merchandise management system? You can also use the opportunity to optimize team and customer processes through unified communication communication centers. Tip: Make the duty a virtue and use the opportunity to put processes to the test!


4. That’s easily overlooked: ISDN is in many components and systems

It is also important to consider so-called special services such as alarm systems, fire alarms, emergency call systems, remote meter readers or EC cash and barrier systems. “What do these have to do with ISDN”, many customers ask. Communication, for example when an alarm system is triggered with the security service or an emergency centre, often functions via the ISDN connection. Important: Check exactly in which communication ISDN is integrated everywhere in your company, in case of an accident this can prevent great damage.


5. renew the technology, but do not bring the employees up to date

Even if you include all four points mentioned in your ISDN replacement, do not forget your employees. Some employees are enthusiastic about new technology, but others feel overwhelmed and alienated by the new devices and processes. This can even lead to a refusal attitude. Therefore, it is all the more important that you inform your employees about the change in good time and, if necessary, carry out training courses. Tip: An early informed employee who is informed about the advantages and benefits will accept and implement changes faster. People – Organization – Technology. The human being stands consciously with us in the first place!





The ISDN replacement is a done deal. Almost thirty years after the introduction (1989 for the first time in Germany) of the Integrated Services Digital Network, the end of the technology is imminent. ISDN is now regarded as inefficient and outdated, ALL-IP is on the advance. You can see when your network operator is discontinuing ISDN for business customers in our overview:


Network operator Schedule
Telecom Official until 2018, realistic: 2019
Vodafone Relationship from ISDN to 2022 possible
Telefonica Support remains without time
1&1 Offset Support until 2020
M-net Support until 2020
EWE Tel ISDN will be available for new customers until 2019, support until 2022
HFO For new customers only ALL-IP, existing customer support until 2022
QSC No exact date, at least until 2019
Ecotel Use of ISDN possible up to 2021


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