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1&1 Versatel offers corporate customers a wide range of telecommunications solutions. The STF Group supports 1&1 Versatel in the implementation of customer connections in order to cope with the rapid customer growth.

The STF Group is the end-to-end contact for both the customer and the network operator. In addition to the transfer of orders to the 1&1 Versatel workflow tool, we support the telecommunications specialist in the implementation of fiber optic connections in the preparation of on-site appointments including inspection, documentation of the connection and control of the construction project. Further services of the STF Group include the planning of transmission routes, necessary hardware upgrades in the active network and configuration in the live network. In this context, the STF Group takes over the final commissioning, including verification of the agreed KPIs (e.g. bandwidth, latency, back-up switching) as well as any necessary trouble-shootings to establish the required parameters.

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