Application process for STF

Interview with Nicole Helden and Robert Thiel

We like it authentic and want to get to know our applicants as people. Here you can find out from our recruiters Nicole and Robert how the application process at STF works, what we look out for in an application and who suits us.

Hello both of you! Tell me what a recruiter does at STF?

Robert: At STF we take care of the complete application process. From the first contact to the receipt of the application, telephone interview and job interview to the contract offer. We also present ourselves at career events in order to attract and inspire potential employees for STF. At STF, we also maintain our candidate network particularly intensively and on a long-term basis. This means that we remain in regular contact with candidates even in the event of rejection. This has often resulted in a new cooperation at a later point in time.


At STF there are not only the classical application procedures…?

Robert: In addition to sending your application by e-mail, you can also fill out an online form – either for a specific position or as an unsolicited application. To make it even easier for applicants, we have developed STF FasTTrack. With FasTTrack it is possible to apply to us only with a freely chosen social media profile. No matter if from home or mobile – just enter the link, send it and we will get in touch with the applicant.

However, we rarely receive applications by post.


An application by mail, post, telephone or via the new application procedure STF FasTTrack has been received- What is the next step?

Nicole: We usually call back an applicant who seems suitable to us at first glance within 24 hours and arrange an appointment for a telephone interview. In this interview we take a lot of time to get to know the candidate better and to answer all further questions. We also take the opportunity to introduce the STF in more detail.

After the telephone interview, we summarise our first impression and forward all documents to the relevant business unit. Together we decide whether to invite the applicant for a personal interview.

Robert: During the entire application process it is very important to us that the candidate is informed about every single step and always knows exactly what will happen next and what the current status of his current application is like.


What do you pay special attention to when applying?

Robert: The new colleague must simply fit in humanly with us. The chemistry has to be right, as the saying goes. We are looking for someone who fits in with our special STF culture and our team.


What about the classic cover letter today?

Nicole: Everything I find in a classic cover letter can also be found in a CV or testimonials. In principle, it doesn’t say much about the motivation or actual suitability of an applicant. It is more important for us to get to know the person behind the paper and his or her personality better.


Last but not least: What does an employee look like who fits into STF?

Robert: If you want to start with us, you have to fit in with us and our team with your personality. We are looking forward to new colleagues who bring their own ideas with them and for whom a friendly team atmosphere is important. We also want intercultural openness – colleagues from 24 countries now work for STF. However, a gap in your CV or a change of direction are not a knock-out criterion at STF.

Nicole: For me it is decisive whether I see an applicant with his personality, of course his expertise and also with his will to further develop in one of our teams.

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