It was a day full of mud, obstacles and lots of fun!

– The Mud-Masters 2018 in Weeze.

To spend yourself completely and to be full of mud from head to toe, ten STF colleagues made their way to the Mud-Masters obstacle course in Weeze on May 5, 2018. They proved on this day that our colleagues are not only fit in the office but also ambitious in sports. Over 12 kilometres and 27 obstacles, the participants fought their way to the finish line together. Only with a lot of teamwork and sporting ambition was it possible to conquer the whole distance. Running, climbing, sliding, jumping, crawling, everything was in demand!

Our colleague Nicole Stukenborg was also there. She tells us here about her experiences from the preparation up to the day of the Mud-Master:


How did the idea of joining the Mud Masters come about?

We had the idea for the race in Ratingen for some time, but it was consolidated during the winter seminar and extended to the locations Ratingen, Dülmen & Dortmund.


You prepared yourselves intensively for the event, how exactly did that look?

We founded a running club in Ratingen and drove to the regatta track in Duisburg every Monday evening. There was an illuminated track, so that we could train also in the darker season. The route there is between 5 and 10 km long and there are a few trim-measuring devices. That worked out great, the running group still exists after the mud masters. In the weeks before the 5th of May more and more information came about the website of the event and it felt a bit more queasy: Are we well prepared? Will we be able to do that? Can I wear my glasses? Which sports things are best? Long trousers, short trousers? What if someone gets hurt? 12km – is that possible?


What were the obstacles?

There were obstacles with different degrees of difficulty. Many things ended in mud, there were climbing frames that could only be overcome with mutual support and numerous slides. For example, there was a water slide, called “Brain Freeze 2.0”, or the “Pipe Runner”, a halfpipe that had to be overcome on foot rather than with a skateboard. Our absolute favourites were a 10m slide and the free fall, that was pure adrenaline!


What did you enjoy the most?

The best feeling was to overcome yourself, to stand on a board and wait for a flap to fall and to fall about 4 meters into the water in free fall. After I could talk again, I thanked the divers of the DLRG several times for their supervision. Besides it was great to be able to rumwühlen once correctly in the mud and to spend oneself. We helped and motivated each other, the teamwork made a difference. The cosy sitting together and the second shower in the evening crowned the whole event.


Your conclusion

It was super organized, and great done “The registration forms for next year are already ready! Next date is the 11th / 12th of May 2019! It is certain that the training plan will have to be changed in any case. Running in the sand as well as upper body and back training have to be included in the program in any case. Then our goal is the 18 kilometers. We are looking forward to it!

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