mobile phone seminar

in Bad Kissingen

Mutual exchange of knowledge between colleagues is important. In most cases, the transfer of know-how takes place informally during work. In order to promote the mutual exchange of knowledge even more, the mobile phone seminar organised by employees for employees in Bad Kissingen took place for the second time. Exactly before the following summer seminar – the summer party of the STF Group – the participants could look forward to a great company celebration after the workshop.

But now to the mobile radio training: 25 employees attended the various lectures on the two days. The seminar was divided into three large thematic blocks. The day started with a lecture on Passive Intermodulation (PIM). PIM is – to put it very briefly – a type of interference in transmission technology. The main topics here were the questions “What is PIM?”, “How can I measure PIM?” and especially “How can PIM be avoided? PIM leads to a deterioration in the quality of the signal. It reduces the range and the capacity of a mobile radio sector. Only a low data throughput is possible in the entire cell area. This error is caused by dirty work during installation, bad material or incorrect planning, which must be eliminated by using high-quality components or replacing old materials.

The topic of the second day was “Fractal antenna”, where the goal is to achieve maximum broadband characteristics in order to be able to use them as universally as possible for many frequencies.

The last component of the mobile radio seminar was a lecture by Holger Tobies on tetra/agency radio. The authority radio is the communication medium of rescue forces during a mission, among others. This digital radio ensures communication between emergency vehicles, handheld devices and the control center and should therefore be receivable both indoors and outdoors. Cellar rooms are therefore often problematic.

sample measurement

To counteract this poor reception, after extensive measurements it is necessary to plan a system with amplifiers and antennas that illuminate poorly supplied areas. Often a simulation of the illumination is created with iBwave. The final planning and execution is carried out by an electrician, who ends with an acceptance measurement.

Jan Müller Weiske, employee in the telecommunications department at STF and still quite new to the company, was very pleased to meet many of his colleagues personally for the first time at the workshop. “Even though many areas are still new territory for me, I was able to take a lot with me from the presentations. The speakers did a great job and brought in a lot of personal experience”.

Fractal antenna (picture by Mathias Weißbach)

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