Coordination skills required:

Implementation of remediation measures during operation

To provide the employees and customers of Sparkasse Lippstadt with smooth access to and use of the building and at the same time to plan and implement the energy-efficient refurbishment of the building and the construction of the new Management Board area, including event rooms. This was the task of the specialist planner of the technical building equipment, Rene Geist, of the STF Group from Ratingen near Düsseldorf.

Use of gas heat pumps with direct evaporator principle

In the run-up to the project, a Energiekonzeptwith the highest possible potential for energy cost savings was drawn up for the energetic renovation and the new building. Especially for the new building it was necessary to fulfil the requirements of the EnEV 2014 in addition to economic aspects. “It was particularly important to determine the actual consumption values and create a building simulation for the creation of the concept,” emphasises Geist. Subsequently, the measures were directly implemented in operation. The energy centres for heating, ventilation and cooling were renovated and supplemented by a new building control system. Geist explains: “Implementation during operation was an important prerequisite for awarding the contract. It is absolutely understandable that the business should be continued despite construction measures, thanks to our know-how and experience”.

The Energy concept focused in particular on replacing the obsolete technology in the head office and on using gas motor heat pumps to air-condition the annex. The heating and cooling of the new extension is to be realized in the future by means of gas heat pumps in the direct evaporator principle.

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