23rd Telecommunications Cup
Volleyball in Freital

This year the STF volleyball team unfortunately didn’t make it to the podium, but the participants still look back in good memory on the 23rd Telecommunication Cup in Freital near Dresden.

Already for the 6th time our employees from the different locations made their way to Dresden. After a long journey, the last employees also reached the sports hall in the evening, where the first training of the newly formed team was on the agenda. A total of 11 players of the STF Group had registered to present the STF from its best side – this year with a lot of female support.

Already the next morning the actual tournament started. In Freital, another 13 teams from the telecommunications industry awaited us – some of them well-rehearsed teams with many years of volleyball experience and thus tough competition for the newly formed STF team, whose joint training opportunities are very limited due to the different locations.

After a small greeting by the organizer we started. The team of the STF was not impressed by the bad luck in the group phase. True to the motto “We have nothing to lose”, the STF team courageously started the first game. However, the opponents hardly gave the players a chance, so that they had to admit defeat with 11:25. Also the next game went to the competition. In the third match of the group phase a victory was finally achieved. A deserved result for the STF team after a hard fought game. Unfortunately, the result was not enough for the top places.

However, the STF team convinced with so much team spirit and motivation that participants from other teams asked for admission to the STF team. Especially nice: Some STF employees, who did not play themselves, used their weekend together with their family to keep their fingers crossed for their colleagues in the sports hall.

In addition to great sporting commitment, all employees had great fun at the event and are already working on the tactics for next year. Until then, the motto is: Work hard to train, so that the placement can perhaps be increased again a little bit!

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