Control of the project transition from the

structure- to operator-responsibility
“ICE Series”

Competence Telecommunication
Customer DB Mobility Logistics AG

As part of the “Project Travel Information (VXR)” of DB Mobility Logistics AG, a new central system for vehicle identification “DB VXR SOFIS” has been developed. This system is being set up throughout Germany as part of a DB Management Board initiative. The SOFIS reading points distributed in the area of the DB networks Track collect data, which are enriched with vehicle information and forwarded to the FRED system “Vehicle Resource Planning and Scheduling” of the DB AG.

The STF Group is in charge of supporting DB Netze Fahrweg in this project. The tasks of the STF Group include, in particular, ensuring smooth project transition between the user (DB Fernverkehr) and the operator (DB Netze Fahrweg). The task is to properly transfer the functioning facilities to the asset portfolio, to ensure IT operations management, to ensure maintenance in compliance with the reliability criteria and to control the financing of measures. To this end, it is necessary to manage a large number of project participants and stakeholders within the DB Group. We as the STF Group contribute to this!

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