Waldemar Metzger

“There is a particularly harmonious relationship between the colleagues here,” says planning engineer Waldemar about the cooperation with the colleagues at STF. Find out more about Waldemar and STF in our job interview.


Waldemar Butcher





Study/vocational training:

Training as wholesale and foreign trade merchant and study of engineering for building services engineering (FH Münster)


My position at STF:

Planning Engineer TGA (Technical Building Equipment)





My daily tasks:

My working day usually starts around 7:00 in the office. First I check my mailbox and my calendar. According to my appointments and To Do’s I plan my day. During the day I usually work on several projects at the same time: Calculations for the appropriate trades (heating, ventilation, sanitation), drawings, writing protocols and reports, cost calculations, …). What is important for me is the varied working day, you sometimes work independently on tasks such as calculations, for which maximum concentration is required. In some cases, however, you are also confronted with tasks during planning where you can coordinate and agree with your colleagues in order to be able to work out the best possible solution. At the end I go through my to-do’s, skip the completed tasks and roughly plan my next day, which I then prepare in detail the next morning.


That’s why I chose the STF group as my employer:

Because STF’s TGA planning area is very diversified and therefore I can work in different trades. In addition, the first impression of STF convinced me directly.


That makes me especially happy about my job:

I find it particularly good that each project is individual (a unique specimen) and that one is constantly confronted with new challenges.


That is what makes a successful project for me:

The most important thing is that the customer is satisfied in the end. This confirms me in my work.


That’s the special thing about STF:

There is a particularly harmonious relationship between the colleagues here. The flat hierarchies within the company also play a very important role in this respect.


My greatest sense of achievement at work:

I was involved in real projects right from the start. So I was directly given a lot of responsibility, but also a lot of trust. The training took place in real projects, so I could take a lot of responsibility from the beginning.


That means innovation and technology for me:

Continuing education – being one step further every day.


My Hobbies:

fitness, running, football


That’s where I spent my last vacation:

In Egypt

Waldemar is still looking for colleagues. You can find exciting engineering and technical jobs in our job exchange.

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